Las 7 Dimensiones del Amor

The frequency of love


1st Edition

Love is what we're all seeking is a search for universal character. How to know and understand the secret of love? and How to know where that great magnetism? Paladin has learned about the universe and time, yet discovers that knowledge without purpose is meaningless and a life without love is completely empty.

This book explores this and many other mysteries helping to discover the greatest force of all, love. Ed Vergara not only examines the many facets of love, but also helps us to discover the deeper meaning and purpose of life. This great knowledge comes the ability to love and be loved.

You want to discover how to love and be loved in all its dimensions? You want to know this great mystery as your creator can take you to the next dimension of love? Discover together as gratitude will take you far, far away, how to overcome fear and how love surpasses any adversity until you can follow your heart with confidence and learn to live your life in all its fullness for eternity.