The frequency of love


Discover the truth in the most powerful force in the universe, the force that binds us and makes us live fully. Discovers love in all its facets in this profound journey within.

The Seven Dimensions of Love

Paladin, The Wonderful Lamp
and the Secrets of the Universe

Enjoy the experience of traveling through the universe and time in order to find the energy that is within you, and it will take you to the next dimension.

the parable of paladin

The parables guide us to understand the principles of the universe invisible world, and are designed to reveal the truth and wisdom only to those who honestly and sincerely wish to know; as well as to hide it from unscrupulous men, whose hearts and minds are evil. These parables are a challenge for reasoning and human intelligence, as we drive to use their imagination and are able to touch our feelings.

Simply to communicate certain information is not treated as an inert theories transfer from one mind to another, but the opening springs of living water. This is to show fundamental truths that are in our hearts and we can discover. A parable may enclose a profound truth or secret so that those who hear may not fully perceive at first, but, by its very noticeable cause, better rooted in the mind and staying there, deeply planted, yields its fruit gradually to Over time, when its deep and beautiful meaning is discovered. The images of a parabola often incorporate a narrative that truly responds to the facts and actual experiences of human life. His words are etched in our memory as if it were a foreign currency in our power, that this could have, but did not understand at all what its real value, until it is discerned in due time in the future. Are the parables also, as a bank account to use gradually discover you have unlimited funds, but only can use in full when you get to the kingdom or country from which it originates.

The parable of Paladin will take you to a next dimension. Its contemporary adventures will interact and connect with your life perfectly, then inside the heart and mind of every human being there is always the fear of failure and the desire to succeed. Our desires are much more stimulating than our needs. You must have a real / true desire.