U = 3E

—Thankfulness, Love, and Appreciation—

These three things will make you transcend.

Discover the Force that
governs the Universe,

How does it work?


The frequency of love

"And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

Jesus of Nazareth 

Teaching others, sharing what you have and know is one of the most enriching laws. Sharing is the principle of multiplication; the most important thing is to understand that when you're sharing something in your life you will discover the first secret of the universe: the seed, the time and harvest. When you sow a seed, you always will have a harvest. Ignorance attracts poverty and disease in the same way that wisdom brings health and wealth. When you teach someone something, that's when the real learning process starts, and then you can become an expert on the subject. Your attitude will take control and guide all the events in your life. 

-"You're Literally what you think of yourself "-
"Your beliefs are not made of realities,
but rather your reality is being formed by your beliefs. "

Eternity is ready to come into your life, is waiting for you for what to do in the next moment....The universe is waiting for you to know which way to go...Only you can give the right direction. Again you choose what you really want to live, you have to discover and fulfill your hottest and deepest desires, you must discover the key to develop your full potential. You must find the best version of yourself. Then you'll begin an era of success in everything you do.

By maintaining a positive perception of yourself, you can discover your gifts and talents,
and therefore be able to cultivate within yourself, using understanding, efficiency and wisdom.
To discover the eternal, I invite you to travel with me through the past, present and future,
so you can have permanent access to the secrets of the universe -Of peace, health, prosperity,
​wealth, happiness, freedom and love. "

Ed Vergara